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We observed the way many companies implement technology projects.

All too often, critical decisions are made by executives who have goals in mind, but lack awareness of their company's day-to-day business challenges and best practices of technology. Or the decisions are made by IT ninjas who lack business acumen. This recipe leads to frustration, vast waste of resources and dollars, and ultimately, poor user experiences for both internal team members as well as for constituents and customers.

In 2017, we set out to create a boutique digital firm, combining a detailed knowledge of technology with the skillset and mindset of business owners.

Sruly Markowitz, President of Fast Track Digital, has over 15 years experience in both the business and technology sides of operations. As a web developer, holder of multiple industry certifications, and former director of IT for an international company, Sruly has been-there-done-that, managing implementations from e-commerce and warehousing, to financial transactions and marketing. Sruly has worked alongside veteran business leaders in strategizing, planning, and ultimately delivering cutting edge web, CRM, and business intelligence technologies for dozens of nonprofits and companies. As a serial entrepreneur, Sruly has bought and sold multiple businesses, including the sale of an ecommerce sign business to Fedex.

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Helping SMBs and Non-Profits operate technology driven initiatives like CRM, ecommerce, and web development.

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