December 1, 2021

Smartchart HR

How does Smartchart HR process a 200 question form and multipage PDF in an entirely digital workflow for thousands of employees each month?

Smart Chart HR helps employers get more value out of their HR department. They work with businesses that have a many employees and high turnover rates (like hospitals and nursing homes) to apply for and procure government Work Opportunity Tax Credits.
Smart Chart HR was growing fast. They needed a more efficient way to help HR administrators fill out government forms, connect with users, and track applications. FastTrackDigital analyzed their processes and developed two solutions: a custom digital application screening system and a CRM system that can manage thousands of tax applications from end to end.
Clients contact Smart Chart HR when they cannot keep up with employee paperwork and tax credit applications, which can sometimes take six months or more per hire. SCHR helps admins and employees complete forms and submit them to the correct programs.

But when Smart Chart HR approached us, they were using a combination of Excel files and print documents. They also needed to submit the forms as PDFs, and they just couldn’t keep up. To help SCHR get ahead of the paperwork, help clients fill out forms, and expand their reach, we developed:

A Digital Application Screener (smart form) that employees can fill out online and send as PDFsA CRM system that gathers employee data and tracks applications to various state and federal agencies

Applying for and following through on even one employee tax credit is complex. There are many forms, repetitive and confusing questions, rules that vary from state to state, and multiple government departments to deal with. We solved these issues by examining each form and charting its course from start to finish. Then we built a custom digital form assistant that aids employees and admins.

We streamlined the process so that each employee only has to fill out one form. Because the forms are digital, handwriting is not an issue. The questions are simple, clear, and direct. And based on their answers, our custom conditional logic works behind the scenes to apply their answers to the other forms.

Some fields support content autofill for questions with similar, though not identical, answers. This way, users can add their answer without typing, or choose to write something new. Fast Track Digital also added the option to upload and attach files to the forms. This is used for required supplemental information like driver’s licenses.

Automated features on the backend eases the workload of admins. The smart form checks employee answers against tax credit eligibility and then informs Smart Chart HR what to apply for and where. Completed forms are automatically generated as PDFs for government submittal. The PDFs are also print-ready in case hard copies are needed. Finally, all PDFs are encrypted and stored securely protecting the sensitive HR data.

For the second phase of the project, we customized Smart Chart’s CRM system to complement their new form assistant. Now all data is sent to their CRM where it can be filtered by segment. It tracks applications as they move through the various state and federal agencies. And the system notifies admins when an application receives feedback or needs additional information. 

Now each admin can monitor thousands of applications and generate new reports instantly. There are no questions about who is due for a review, what stage each application is at, what each employee is working on, and what the next steps are. And because SCHR bills clients by the number of approved tax credits, the system calculates invoices based on tax credit percentages and generates invoices accordingly.
Fast Track Digital helped Smart Chart HR leave its spreadsheets behind. Together, we transformed data liabilities into organized advantages, opening the door to unlimited scalability.
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