January 3, 2024

Cedarbridge Financial Services

How did Cedarbridge Financial Services overcome the challenge of streamlining the entire employee onboarding process into a seamless, user-friendly system?

Cedarbridge, with its dozens of nursing facilities across the United States, faces a significant challenge in staffing these facilities. The onboarding of new employees is a multifaceted process, involving not just the submission of an application but also the completion of various forms, uploading personal identification and licensing information, and conducting thorough background and validation checks.
Prior to our systems integration, Cedarbridge relied on two distinct, out of the box systems to manage this process. However, these systems were fraught with inefficiencies, lacking in stability and scalability. Moreover, they were not sufficiently configurable or customizable, and were filled with restrictions that failed to meet the specific needs of the client.

In addressing this challenge, our first step was to conduct a comprehensive business assessment to fully understand their existing processes. This understanding paved the way for us to introduce tailored solutions within Salesforce, aiming to centralize and streamline their data management. Our goal was to create a robust system that was not only user-friendly but also flexible enough to accommodate future updates and customizations.

A critical component of our solution was the development of a custom form system that is accessible to their applicants. lt integrates seamlessly with their website and allows for the application form to be filled out and directly fed into Salesforce. Once an application is completed, it automatically generates a new candidate record in Salesforce, containing all the uploaded information. Their internal Talent Acquisition Specialists are then guided through subsequent steps, to complete reference checks, background checks, and the I-9 form.

To ensure a smooth and error-free onboarding journey, we incorporated built-in validation rules, conditional logic, automated document generation, and checklists. These features guarantee that no critical step is overlooked and facilitate an efficient completion of the process.

In addition to their initial requirements, we also implemented a series of innovative enhancements. These additions were specifically designed to support validation processes and guarantee the precision of all information handled. Now, every facility within Cedarbridge's network has the capability to integrate unique documents, manuals, and PDFs that are specific to their individual location. Dropdown selections, which include options like division and various facility positions, make the system more intuitive to provide the correct facility-specific documentation. As a result, staff across different facilities can easily access and utilize customized Employee Handbooks, tailored specifically to the needs and regulations of each nursing facility.

Additional custom-developed features include:
• A two-step authentication process for applicants over email and SMS;
Google Maps integration for address validation;
• A custom Social Security Number component using an external authentication service;
• Webcam and file upload for ID and documentation. This feature is very useful to capture an image of a document instantly, or to upload documents that are required for the online application process;
• Automated PDFs with signature capabilities;
Automated creation of Salesforce records and document generation from form submissions;
• Final forms, documents and letters packaged with one click for referral to the HR department;
• Unlimited addition of facilities and their corresponding documentation with absolute scalability.

With the introduction of the new system, Cedarbridge Financial Services has transformed its employee onboarding process. 

The seamless integration of Salesforce, enhanced with custom features, has greatly streamlined operations, ensuring both accuracy and efficiency. This user-friendly system reliably guides staff and applicants alike through the onboarding journey, ensuring a smooth and effective experience for potential candidates.
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