December 1, 2021

Chai Lifeline

How does Chai Lifeline manage dozens of fundraisers, hundreds-of-thousand of donors, and numerous annual global campaigns?

Chai Lifeline is an international not-for-profit children’s health support network that provides social, emotional, and financial aid to children with life-threatening or lifelong illnesses and their families.
To further their mission, Chai Lifeline needed a CRM that could manage solicitors, track their outreach to hundreds of thousands of contacts and enhance their fundraising efforts. FastTrackDigital helped them assess their goals and define tech solutions to reach them. A custom Salesforce integration with their back-office system checked all their boxes.
Chai Lifeline faced three major challenges going into 2021:

Their back-office system lacked native tools that could manage solicitors and donors throughout complex, long-term fundraising programs. Chai Lifeline needed a transparent, data-driven method to assign fundraisers to specific accounts and then track their activity. And their fundraisers required a robust CRM (customer relationship management) system to run consistent and successful campaigns.

As we got to know Chai Lifeline and understood their organization, our collaboration led to something unique and special. We strategized a CRM solution that augmented their data management requirements and fundraising capabilities without needing to rebuild their back-office system.

Salesforce offers many powerful out-of-the-box CRM features. But Chai Lifeline’s processes demanded a custom solution. FastTrackDigital configured the generic Salesforce features to support program-specific management, oversight, and communication goals.

The customized CRM we configured tracks data, produces instant, custom reports, and gives users a suite of marketing and communication tools. These modifications help managers assign fundraisers to accounts that fit their expertise and enable fundraisers to connect with donors in meaningful ways.


View fundraiser performance data
Assign fundraisers to accounts
Track fundraiser activity / outreach
Track donations by any attribute
Create tasks and milestones
Get alerts about fundraiser activity
Create reports on demand
Log all communications
View historical activity
Office 365 calendar sync


Create tasks, lists, events
Track activity on specific accounts
Request to manage specific accounts
Implement fundraising lifecycle
Set alerts and notifications
Run marketing campaigns
Create backoffice requests
Click to call through Salesforce
Custom email templates
Log all communications
And, through the enterprise-class mobile app, managers and fundraisers can access all CRM data from their phones or iPads.

Only one critical step remained before Chai Lifeline could unleash Salesforce’s full potential.

Salesforce needed data to work with. Chai Lifeline’s back-office system housed decades of information, but it lacked a simple integration with Salesforce. We solved this issue by developing a robust two-way sync between the two systems. Now the back office system pushes new data to Salesforce and retrieves updates from the CRM.

With data synchronization and 360-degree visibility, managers and fundraisers can make more accurate decisions and generate reports instantaneously.

Our custom integration transformed Chai Lifeline’s data management technology from a liability into an asset. Salesforce provides unlimited integration potential for future plugins and platforms, single-system internal and external communication, and comprehensive data management and analytics.
Together, we future-proofed their organization’s tech infrastructure and freed up manager and fundraiser time so they could focus on bringing Chai Lifeline’s support network to more children and families around the world.
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