January 3, 2024

RBM Circle

How RBM Circle's adoption of Salesforce is Transforming Non-Profit Telemarketing
RBM Circle, a telemarketing firm, specializes in helping non profits meet their fundraising goals with smart telemarketing techniques. Using the organizations own contact lists, their call center efficiently reaches out with thousands of past and existing donors. 
Time equals money, so minimizing wasted clicks and time is crucial for them.
Initially, RBM utilized a commercially available system for their operations. However, it fell short of meeting their needs as it lacked adaptability and flexibility required for their expanding business. With this in mind, Fast Track Digital helped them integrate their telephone dialing software, Convoso, with Salesforce to maximize the effectiveness of working with two systems that are integrated together and streamlined for data accuracy. Convoso has powerful speed dialing features, but does not have any mechanism for fulfilling donor requests, such as donation, pledges, or snail mail letters.

This involved tailoring Salesforce to cater specifically to two distinct teams within the organization: the phone agents and the RBM management team. This customization facilitated a seamless workflow, where both roles are intricately linked.

Once RBM signs on a new campaign, the donor list is imported into Salesforce, where it automatically synchronizes with Convoso. A new account is created for the client together with their specific campaigns, and each contact on the list is assigned a unique ID which creates a link between Salesforce and Convoso for seamless data sharing. This setup ensures that any updates made to a contact in one system are immediately mirrored in the other, maintaining data consistency across platforms.

Calls are initiated using the Convoso calling system. When agents click on the contact link, they are transferred to the corresponding Salesforce record to handle donations, pledges, and additional requests. In Salesforce, agents can conveniently view all donor activities, including donations, pledges, receipts, record logs, and emails, enabling the agents to have a comprehensive overview of the client's history and thereby enhancing their ability to provide tailored assistance. All subsequent correspondence and receipts are handled through Salesforce.

Analyzing the data and seeing the metrics is vital to RBM admins who can track and measure the effectiveness of any campaign, by donations received or by a particular agent’s progress. This enables them to make the necessary changes required to improve the campaign’s efficacy. Once the campaign is completed, Salesforce calculates the agent’s commission based on donations received in variable time frames. The non profit can upload their own donation list to match outbound calls and automatically attribute incoming donations to their respective outreach action.

Some of the enhanced features that we developed in Salesforce for RBM include:

· Call recordings are sent directly to Salesforce. Recordings are only held in Convoso for 30 days; however, we have created a mechanism where the MP3 file is offloaded to cloud storage for cost effectiveness and unlimited length of storage time.

· Email replies from donors are piped back to the very agent that sent the email, even though the recipient is a general catch-all email box

· Donations – payments can be made directly through Salesforce. If a donation needs to be deferred to be charged at a later date, it can be adjusted for date specific requests.

· Pledges - these are entered directly into the system and an email or SMS is created using a template and sent from Salesforce, or a pdf can be created to send in the mail.

· Commission data is easily viewed by both the agent via a personal dashboard, as well as RBM staff.

· Auto matching donations made post-campaign to the organization to see if they were a result of an RBM outreach.

The integration of Convoso and Salesforce has revolutionized RBM's operations, creating a highly efficient and cohesive system. This strategic assimilation seamlessly aligns the workflows of the calling agents and RBM's administrative staff, enhancing the overall productivity and effectiveness of the telemarketing efforts. 

By facilitating real-time data sharing and providing comprehensive overviews of donor interactions, the system empowers agents with the tools they need for personalized donor engagement. Additionally, the advanced features developed in Salesforce, from receiving donations to personalized email management, further streamline the process.

For RBM's administrative team, the ability to analyze campaign data, track commissions, and manage pledges with precision transforms the way they measure success and optimize future campaigns. This integration represents a significant step forward in telemarketing efficiency for RBM and sets a new standard in donor management and campaign analysis.
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